Today was a day for outside work. I have hardly done any work inside the house since the only real rain we had was during the weekend. After a morning run and shower, and two cups of coffee, I gathered the tools I would need: extension cord, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, a rake, gloves and safety goggles. My job was to bring a bit of order out of the chaos behind the shed. Mostly that meant some trimming away of some branches, but mostly cutting tree limbs and planks into sizeable chunks suitable for building a fire.

A note about the safety goggles. Yesterday, I left the goggles unattended in the garden while I was tending to some important detail…and when I returned, Sigmund, the dog, had already done his best to chew them to bits. Sigmund was staying with us for a few days, and I was warned not to leave anything lying around. Fortunately for me, I had been using the ‘old’ pair of glasses, which explains why the elastic was so useless. The goggles pictured are the post-Sigmund pair.

Today, I decided to keep working into the late afternoon. I was on a roll and didn’t feel like stopping halfway. So basically, I worked two WorkAway days back to back. The added benefit is that tomorrow is more or less a free day! That will give me a little more breathing room to make some headway on more personal projects…and a little more time for some back-soothing yoga postures.

I earned me a beer today!