The second week of my WorkAway trip has come and just about gone. It was a great week in many ways. I was a little more on target as far as getting up and starting the day. The mornings have been crisp and cool, often with plenty of mist caused by the morning sun heating up the ground. Jogging and walking are still the norm for starting the day. When I walk, I have my iPhone at the ready, capturing the beautiful morning light. I am fascinated by drops of dew beading up on a leaf, or my own long shadow cast by the low sun. Getting up and out can be a chore, but once I a out the door, I start feeling more alive.

The work this week was all outside. Some of it back-breaking. Trimming of hedges which are at least 3 meters high. Rearranging the composting corner. Building a woodpile and cutting branches to length. Clearing a section of ground of weeds and clutter, and turning it into a new flower bed. That was the back-breaking part! But it was all worth it. I was satisfied with the results and my host, Lisa, was impressed: “Finally a WorkAway’er who goes about his work methodically, instead of the typical haphazard style”.