So, as it happened, my second WorkAway experience was only 15 minutes down the road from the first one. I spent two weeks with Eva. They were not particularly strenuous weeks. Eva has a huge heart and lots of energy, but not a lot of money. At least, not at this particular moment. The main thing she hoped I could do was to pack up her swimming pool and put it in the attic. Aah…OK. Never done that before. So, just into my 4th week of WorkAway, I had to take off my socks and shoes, roll up my jeans and get my feet wet. Figuratively and literally.

Which child doesn’t like playing with water, a broom and a hose? This child is no exception. This child also excels at taking things apart, and now I can add pools to my inventory. As far as getting the pool up to the attic, I had a little help from a friend. And there it was, a nice neat little package, ready for its winter sleep.

Besides the pool going to the attic, there was the little issue of the rain gutter which was falling down. I saw some unused strips of aluminum lying in the sunroom and with a mix of hammer, wood, my ‘lovely’ clamp and some creative juices, I came up with hand crafted clamps which worked a wonder.

Eva also had a space in what used to be an old age home. She wanted to use this space to work on her art projects, plus it gave her a reason to get out of the house and into the city center. So we checked it out together, and decided a paint job would do wonders. Off to the paint store to buy paint and supplies. I only painted one wall, but the bright yellowish color changed the energy of the room completely. To finish off the job, I installed one of her creations: A series of 8 self-portraits depicting what might happen when you eat too many M&Ms.

The combination of colors was…simply delicious!