La Grimaudière is a small town in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in western France, about 30 minutes from Poitiers. I will be spending the next few weeks at a large old farmhouse just a few minutes away, situated directly on the river Dive. La Sente Divine (Divine Path) is a 50 kilometer path, set out along this part of the river, complete with signposts giving historical facts surrounding the important role the river has played in the area. All the information is in French, so I am still none the wiser. The weather this morning, compared to the last few days of sub-zero cold, was sunny and ‘warm’, so a walk was in order. The path along the river can be picked up just outside the gate of the farmhouse, and meanders along with the river until you reach a little wooden bridge. Next to the bridge is a bench, and the view it lends is well worth the sit. As the water slowly passed by on its way north, I sat and attempted my first wood carving. I am not sure what type of wood it was and I couldn’t quite remember the ‘How To’ I had seen on YouTube…but it did resemble a face. I left it on the bench for the next sitter to find. Once across the bridge, the path leads past a trout farm, and through a little hamlet, before looping back to the Rue de Surin where the Farmhouse is located. All in all, a nice way to start my Sunday. Simply divine.