Paris est…

Paris is Gare du Nord, waiting for a familiar face

Paris is the cheap hotel near Gare du Nord where the heat has one setting and the wifi is just useable, but access to the city is stellar.

Paris is spending a day in Pompidou Center, the last time having been more than 30 years ago.

Paris is marvelling at La Sacre Coeur and the sacrilege of a handful of sugared peanuts for 5 Euro!

Paris is street art at Place du Tertre and a gem of a Dali museum around the corner.

Paris is shops full of things you mostly don’t need.

Paris is ending up broke, even though you only bought the things you did need.

Paris is the metro, pictures of metro stops and old buildings.

Paris is pyramids of warmth and light as the cold and dark closes in.

Paris is saying “let’s go see what that big green area on the map is!” and discovering a new neighbourhood.

Paris is the walk in the park that is the ‘big green area on the map’.

Paris is seeing the Yellow Vests demonstrations…on the TV screen in a cafe.

Paris is a selfie with the Eiffel Tower in the distance…because who wants to stand in line with all the other tourists?

Paris is drinks on the last night where the waiter still remembers your order from the first night.

Paris is that same bar with Sade flooding the airwaves, bringing back fond memories, while creating new ones.

Paris is starting the New Year with a loved one.

Paris is walking hand in hand, knowing that tomorrow each will go his or her own way.

Paris is ‘Hello’!

Paris is ‘Goodbye’!

Paris is ‘I love you’!

Paris is life.

Paris is love.

Paris is…

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