I needed to pick up some groceries and since it was dry out, that made a good reason to take the Gold Wing for a spin. It had received little love in the last 12 days since the trip to Cognac. I pulled on my gear, did my ‘pre-flight’ checks and started the engine. After letting her warm up a bit, I pulled up to the open doors and…rain. I sat and thought for a bit, then thought ‘Screw the rain! I am going for a ride.’ So, as I went back inside for my rain gear, the Gold Wing sat there in the opening of the garage idling…like a dog patiently waiting to be taken on a walk.

The day was not cold and the rain was light. When you have made the choice to face the rain, it can actually become enjoyable. Yes, a Gold Wing is a heavy bike, so precaution is necessary…wouldn’t want to end up in a ditch in the rain. On the other hand, rainy days in this area include the sun peaking through occasionally and beautiful skies.

Even on this rainy day, there were picture perfect moments. Some created, some ready to go. I especially enjoyed trying to capture what it looks like from where I am with a rain spattered visor framing the view. A little later, as I pulled over to take a picture, I just sat there listening to the Gold Wing, quietly idling again, never coughing or sputtering, totally unfazed by the rain. There was this amazing feeling of peace and security. I know the motorcycle so well by now, and I know it’s sound. It is like hearing reassuring words from a loved one. It was as if the Gold Wing was saying “take your time, get your shot…let’s do this thing!”

So, as I do with most of my loved ones, I made some nice images of her too.

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