I have only just discovered (ha ha, like I am some kind of Captain Cook) The Sundrop Garden ((( O ))). Yes, apparently that is her artist name. And logo. Totalntertainment.com describes her thus: “Residing on an island off a Southeast Asian coastline, ((( O ))) works from her own studio completely off-grid, performing and writing everything herself on a mix of modern and traditional instruments. The album was also made using the help of solar energy to power equipment and seen by ((( O ))) as “a direct gift from the sun and an opportunity to create.

This from her website concerning her logo:

((( O ))) – the main gardener in The Sundrop Garden

  • it is not pronounceable
  • it it not pronounced as “O”
  • again, it’s not pronounceable
  • watch The Sundrop Garden documentary

I was initially drawn to her through the music, but quickly realised that she was so much more than that. She represents something that I think many of us long for at some level: the freedom to be ourselves. This is evident in her music, but also in the lifestyle she has chosen and the way she moves and communicates. Watching the videos, you are immersed as it were in her world. There is beauty at so many levels. People like this give me so much hope for our world. This is pure inspiration!

The Living Library - A short documentary