For the third time in almost a year, I am spending time in the Red Sea resort Telal Al Sokna where my parents still maintain a small apartment. Thanks to Covid and the need to quarantine, I have had the opportunity to stay in this, well, interesting place. When I say ‘resort’, I probably don’t mean what you think. What makes it resort-like over here is the sea view, the lush green of the landscaping and the 12 or so pools one can choose from to go swimming in. There is a small restaurant, a decent supermarket and a pharmacy.

When I think of a resort, I picture white beaches and palm trees. This resort is not like that. The beaches here are very stony and interspersed with swaths of mostly dead coral. On top of that, much of that dead coral is covered in a layer of a black tar-like substance which for all practical purposes looks like an old oil spill. Some of it could also be the remains of the old road which used to run right along the coast before they started this project. They have brought in a lot of sand to create the feel of a beach, but as soon as you approach the water the sand stops and you are well advised to wear some fashion of water shoe.

While walking along this, at times depressing coastline, I decided to try and find some angles which would do some pictorial justice to what I was seeing. What resulted was a set of images which present the Telal beach line in an unexpected fashion. Sometimes a bit eerie and otherworldly.

Check it out!