This is a new series of images I have been playing with. I don’t really even recall how I started, but for whatever reason, I edited an image of trees in such a way that two copies of the same image mirrored each other, and when I saw the result, I was blown away by all the ‘recognisable’ elements created by that combination. In a way, these images are reminiscent of what we saw as kids when looking through a kaleidoscope. But what is fascinating here is that due to the very organic nature of…nature, a plethora of ‘possibilities’ suddenly emerge from the combination. I say possibilities because these are just my interpretations, while someone else might have seen something very different.

There is no manipulation of these images in the sense of adding elements to them. Once the image is copied and mirrored, all I do is make choices as to which aspects I bring forward, and which allow to recede. I ‘paint’ with light and dark and with various colors. I am inspired to photograph the original image yet have no idea what might appear later in the process. I find it a very playful process, and rewarding. I am constantly surprised by the beauty of nature…within nature.