Camp Saron is a nice stop on the Workaway trail. I arrived in Dénia, Spain just before the New Year following my Christmas spent in Barcelona. From Barcelona, Dénia is about 3 hours down the coast of Spain, just past Valencia. A beautiful city in its own right, with a history that includes pirates and a somewhat poorly maintained hilltop fortress.

Camp Saron, situated on the outskirts of the city, is run by the local chapter of the Salvation Army. With a number of buildings housing dormitories, a large professional kitchen and dining area, a beautiful swimming pool and a small chapel, Camp Saron is a favorite retreat center for european church groups., My hosts were extremely friendly and relaxed. I had the choice of working the full five hours a day and having my meals provided, or I could choose to work only 3 hours a day and take care of my own meals. I chose the latter and it worked out well for me. It was good to be making my own choices in the kitchen once again.

The work load was pretty light…until a tropical rainstorm came through and upended a few eucalyptus trees. During this time I also made a few forays into the city of Denia and discovered the joy of hiking alone while exploring some local mountain ranges. Between placing some signposts around the property and wielding the chainsaw, the time at Camp Saron passed quickly.