Have you seen all the posts in the ALS series?

ALS – The Family & Friends

We human beings thrive on love. We need it. We crave it. We can also show love and give love. It is through this continuous circle of giving and receiving love that we experience the true joy of being human. The last year and a half of Veronique’s life seemed to slowly strip her of all her humanity. But from beginning to end, she was constantly surrounded by this circle of love.

The most important source of that love was her family. For 6 months, the house was alive with the sounds of Veronique’s family. At one point, there were 10 people sleeping under the same roof, with the living room being transformed into a bedroom. Added to the mix was Thor’s side of the family occasionally dropping in for a visit. A crowded house is never a good long-term solution, and personalities were bound to clash. Yet, the love and support Veronique received from her family far outweighed any discontent or discord. All of us had our patience tested, but through all the frustrations, the love was constant.

There are not enough good things to be said about Thor and Veronique’s circle of Friends. The amount of support shown by them was phenomenal. From the ones who set up and handled the GoFundMe account, to the ones who brought weekly dinners for up to 10 people. They gave freely of their time and resources. They came to share drinks and laugh over old memories. They took Veronique’s parents out on the Town. They drove multiple times to the airport. They came to spend time with Veronique so that Thor could attend to other important tasks. They continue to support Thor and the children as they transition into a life without their life and mother.

Have you seen all the posts in the ALS series?

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